Peel Family Mediation Service

Mandatory Information Program (MIP)

The Mandatory Information Program (session) is designed to help you understand how family law works, the options you have and how you might reduce the emotional and financial costs associated with separation or divorce. Presented by a lawyer and family mediator or parent educator, this 2 hour session will provide general legal information and will include the following:

  • The impact of separation on parents and children
  • Ways to reduce the emotional and financial costs of separation
  • Introduction to family law
  • Overview of the court process
  • Alternatives such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law

The free session also includes a short question and answer period and resource materials / referrals. Note: Sessions offer general legal information only and legal advice will NOT be provided. No two parties involved in the same dispute will attend the same session.

When and Where

The MIP is available free of charge to anyone who wishes to attend. It is mandatory for anyone who has started or been served with a family law court proceeding and for those who are not court could attend as well so that they can make informed decision. Mandatory Information Programs (MIPs) are available at family court locations across Ontario. The sessions are held on-site in the courthouse and at another site in the evening.

Seating is limited. Registration is required. Sessions will include litigants from the OCJ and the SCJ.

Peel Family Mediation Services OFFSITE Mandatory Information Program (MIP) Schedule

, January to December 2019 from 6pm to 8pm

January 15, 2019 Tuesday

January 28, 2019 Monday

February 11, 2019 Monday

February 26, 2019 Tuesday

March 11, 2019 Monday

March 26, 2019 Tuesday

April 16, 2019 Tuesday

April 29, 2019 Monday

May 14, 2019 Tuesday

May 27, 2019 Monday

June 11, 2019 Tuesday

June 24, 2019 Monday

July 15, 2019 Monday

July 30, 2019 Tuesday

August 13, 2019 Tuesday

August 26, 2019 Monday

September 10, 2019 Tuesday

September 23, 2019 Monday

October 7, 2019 Monday

October 29, 2019 Tuesday

November 12, 2019 Tuesday

November 25, 2019 Monday

December 9, 2019 Monday

December 17, 2019 Tuesday

Peel Family Mediation Services Orangeville MIP Dates

January 22, 2019 Tuesday

January 24,2019 Thursday

February 12,2019 Tuesday

February, 14-2019 Thursday

March 19,2019 Tuesday

March 21,2019 Thursday

April 16, 2019 Tuesday

April 18, 2019 Thursday

May 21, 2019 Tuesday

May 23, 2019 Thursday

June 18, 2019 Tuesday

June 20, 2019 Thursday

July 16, 2019 Tuesday

July 18, 2019 Thursday

August 20, 2019 Tuesday

August 22,2019 Thursday

September 17, 2019 Tuesday

September 19,2019 Thursday

October 15,2019 Tuesday

October 17,2019 Thursday

November 12,2019 Tuesday

November 14,2019 Thursday

December 3,2019 Tuesday

December 5,2019 Thursday

Peel Family Mediation Services Onsite MIP dates 2019

Wednesday Jan -2-2019

Thursday Jan -3-2019

Wednesday Jan-9-2019

Thursday Jan-10-2019

Wednesday Jan-16-2019

Thursday Jan-17-2019

Wednesday Jan-23-2019

Thursday Jan-24-2019

Wednesday Jan-30-2019

Thursday Jan-31-2019

Wednesday Feb-6-2019

Thursday Feb-7-2018

Wednesday Feb-13-2019

Thursday Feb-14-2019

Wednesday Feb-20-2019

Thursday Feb-21-2019

Wednesday Feb-27-2019

Thursday Feb-28-2019

Wednesday Mar-6-2019

Thursday Mar-7-2019

Wednesday Mar-13-2019

Thursday Mar-14-2019

Wednesday Mar-20-2019

Thursday Mar-21-2019

Wednesday Mar-27-2019

Thursday Mar-28-2019

Wednesday Apr-3-2019

Thursday Apr-4-2019

Wednesday Apr-10-2019

Thursday Apr-11-2019

Wednesday Apr-17-2019

Thursday Apr-18-2019

Wednesday Apr-24-2019

Thursday Apr-25-2019

Wednesday May-1-2019

Thursday May-2-2019

Wednesday May-8-2019

Thursday May-9-2019

Wednesday May15-2019

Thursday May-16-2019

Wednesday May-22-2019

Thursday May-23-2018

Wednesday May-29-2019

Thursday May-30-2019

Wednesday Jun-5-2019

Thursday Jun-6-2019

Wednesday Jun-12-2019

Thursday Jun-13-2019

Wednesday Jun-19-2019

Thursday Jun-20-2019

Wednesday Jun-26-2019

Thursday Jun-27-2019

Wednesday Jul-3-2019

Thursday Jul-4-2019

Wednesday Jul-10-2019

Thursday Jul-11-2019

Wednesday Jul-17-2019

Thursday Jul-18-2019

Wednesday Jul-24-2019

Thursday Jul-25-2019

Wednesday Jul-31-2019

Thursday Aug-1-2019

Wednesday Aug-7-2019

Thursday Aug-8-2019

Wednesday Aug-14-2019

Thursday Aug-15-2019

Wednesday Aug-21-2019

Thursday Aug-22-2019

Wednesday Aug-28-2019

Thursday Aug-29-2019

Wednesday Sep-4-2019

Thursday Sep-5-2019

Wednesday Sep-11-2019

Thursday Sep-12-2019

Wednesday Sep-18-2019

Thursday Sep-19-2019

Wednesday Sep-25-2019

Thursday Sep-26-2019

Wednesday Oct-2-2019

Thursday Oct-3-2019

Wednesday Oct-9-2019

Thursday Oct-10-2019

Wednesday Oct-16-2019

Thursday Oct-17-2019

Wednesday Oct-23-2019

Thursday Oct-24-2019

Wednesday Oct-30-2019

Thursday Oct-31-2019

Wednesday Nov-6-2019

Thursday Nov-7-2019

Wednesday Nov-13-2019

Thursday Nov-14-2019

Wednesday Nov-20-201

Thursday Nov-21-2019

Wednesday Nov-27-2019

Thursday Nov-28-2019

Wednesday Dec-4-2019

Thursday Dec-5-2019

Wednesday Dec-11-2019

Thursday Dec-12-2019

Wednesday Dec-18-2019

Thursday Dec-19-2019

Specific location provided upon registration.

For more information, registration or reschedule an assigned date, drop by to talk to our MIP coordinator at the FLIC office for more information or call 905-453-7795.

Click here for additional MIP information from the Ministry of the Attorney General Family Justice Services.