Peel Family Mediation Service

Off-Site Mediation

Off-site mediation will be available for anyone who wishes to try mediation, whether they have started a court case or not. You can mediate any issues in off-site mediation, including custody, access, child support, spousal support, property valuation and property division.

Our off-site mediators includes mental health professionals and lawyers.

Off-site mediation is intended for mediations that will take between 2-8 hours.

Off-site Mediation Fee: There is a cost for off-site mediations. Fees are charged based on each person’s income from all sources. For more information about off-site mediation fees, click here.

Intake Form: Anyone seeking mediation should complete our two-page intake form here and Fax or email it to our office with copies of any current court order(s).

Mediation Agreement: You may find our Off-site Mediation Agreement here.