Peel Family Mediation Service

Peel Family Mediation Services offers family law mediation (on-site and off-site) and Mandatory Information programs (free) to the public in the Region of Peel and Dufferin County. We are committed to providing high quality mediation services; building a greater understanding of family law mediation through public education; training new family law mediators; and responding appropriately to the diverse needs of the communities of Peel and Dufferin County. Research shows that when families reduce conflict and parents reach an agreement acceptable for both, the outcome is more beneficial for their children. We assist families to resolve family law disputes and to minimize the effects of conflict arising from these disputes.

Fully Funded On-Site Mediation

Our on-site mediators will take cases that are on the court docket that day for motions, trials, case or settlement conferences, or any other matter. There is no cost for on-site mediation. Learn More

Partially Funded Off-Site Mediation

Our accredited lawyer and mental health professional family mediators provide up to 8 hours of mediation at subsidized rates. You can mediate any issues in off-site mediation. Learn More

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary, confidential way to resolve family law issues. A trained and accredited family mediator will work with all sides to try to help them reach an agreement. Learn More

Mandatory Information Program

The Mandatory Information Program (MIP) is a two-hour session created to help clients who are just starting a family law case. The session is presented, whenever possible, by a lawyer and a mental health professional. Learn More

Mediator Internships with Peel Family Mediation Services

Learn More

Getting Started in Mediation

For anyone who wishes information before deciding how to proceed with a family separation, we suggest you meet with our Information and Referral Coordinator... Learn More