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Please read the below information carefully prior to your mediation date:

  • Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties with issues or disputes may meet with a neutral third party to try to resolve their issues. An experienced Mediator assists the parties to work toward an agreement that meets their needs. The Mediator does not make the decisions, but instead facilitates a process aimed at empowering participants to reach their own resolution.
  • Each mediation begins with a mandatory individual intake screening session with a Mediator (the other party is not present during individual intake meetings). This portion takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Each party must complete the intake meeting before moving on to a joint mediation session. During this time, the Mediator will ask each party a series of questions to ensure the case is appropriate for Mediation, that both parties are able to participate freely in the process, and that there is sufficient financial disclosure to proceed with mediation at this time.
  • If the Mediator and the Parties agree mediation is an appropriate process, the second component is the mediation session where the actual mediation occurs. Some of the issues that can be mediated include parenting plans, custody, access, child support and special or extraordinary expenses, communication, spousal support, property division and equalization of family property.
  • Mediation discussions are without prejudice and subject to strict confidentiality provisions as outlined on the Agreement to Mediate (attached). Exceptions to where a Mediator cannot keep confidentiality are outlined on the attached Agreement to Mediate.
  • If the parties are able to come to an agreement on the issues discussed, the Mediator will draft a mediation summary report that outlines the terms agreed upon. The report is the Mediator’s understanding of what resolution was reached in mediation, and is NOT legally binding. It is up to the parties to take the necessary steps to make the report legally binding.
  • There is a fee for Mediation. The individual intake sessions are free, however there is an hourly fee for the mediation sessions. Each party is given an hourly rate to pay based on their gross income and number of dependants. We will normally ask payment at the beginning of your session for the day or may be in advance in the form of a retainer. The accepted methods of payment at our office are debit, credit, certified cheque, money order and cash.
  • If there have been previous Separation Agreements signed, or previous temporary or final orders issued by the courts, please bring one copy of all for the Mediator.
  • Issues relating to Child Support, Spousal Support and Property Division:
  • Full and complete financial disclosure is a requirement for mediation. If any of your issues relate to support, special or extraordinary expenses, spousal support or property matters, you will be provided with a document checklist.
  • Copies of all relevant documents needed for your mediation must be brought to your session. Please bring 2 copies of all your disclosure: 1 for the mediator, and 1 for the other party.
  • If there are pieces of your disclosure that you are unable to assemble before your mediation date, you should notify us as soon as possible as to what you are able to bring. In some cases, lack of financial disclosure may delay your mediation.
  • In some complex financial cases, we will recommend you work with your mediator in advance of your mediation date to ensure financial disclosure is available for your mediation date at your own cost. We will advise you if we recommend this in advance.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.