Peel Family Mediation Service

On-Site Mediation

We have mediators at the Brampton courthouse 5 days a week and at the Orangeville courthouse 2 days a week. Our on-site mediators will take cases that are on the court docket that day. Cases are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis unless there is an emergency. There is no cost for on-site mediation. On-site mediations are for matters that can be addressed in two hours or less and are generally limited to custody, access, and child support. Each person will meet separately with the mediator first. This “screening” is an important first step of mediation. It helps us assess whether the case is appropriate for mediation. Also, some cases may appear simple at first, but may need more time than the on-site mediator can give them. In these cases, clients will be referred to off-site mediation. For Brampton on-site mediation services, visit A. Grenville & William Davis Courthouse, Room 261 at 7755 Hurontario Street. For Orangeville on-site mediation service, visit Dufferin County Courthouse at 10 Louisa Street, first floor, or contact Family Legal Aid Duty Counsel. Visit Contact Us for more information.